Score Global Properties® Presents: Sporting ID11™

ABOUT SGP® and Sporting ID11™

Score Global Properties®  partnered with the ScoreUSAfoundation, is a not-for-profit registered 501(c)3 Inc. 

​SGP® and the ScoreUSAfoundation with 20+ years of success in international and domestic business, sport and philanthropy.  Sporting ID11 will become the first community/supporter owned #OneShareOneVote

Sporting Club in ​North America  #WithTheFansForTheFans


CREATING opportunities for PROFESSIONAL players to compete annually within a National Professional League and Professional Cup Competitions (US OPEN Cup) whilst being evaluated by professional (Clubs/Teams) coaches and scouts within our global network.  It’s all about the NETWORK and our current NETWORK reaches 6 global territories, including 20 Federations and Countries, within 100+ Professional clubs.    #TheFutureIsBright 

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Alternatively providing additional opportunities for players to Create a Career after Sport, creating pathways and opportunity…

​ “Career and Education through Sport” to receive College and University scholarship within our program.  As life after sport is real, developing a career, while starting, continuing or finishing an education, is worth a lifetime.

​#PlayerCentered #Education and #Career #ProfessionalPathways.